Welcome To Pearly Gates Montessori School

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To be the 21st century technology driven early years learning center of choice partnering with God to raise successful children who will be self-motivated leaders and change agent

Our school is dedicated to providing an environment that will encourage independent and fun learning in children. We aim at inculcating in our children natural desires to learn and maximize their potential Read More…

We are a school that sets out to see that our environment is – Right, safe and similar to that in the home for our babies in the crèche to explore, play, and thrive. – Conducive and prepared for development in all areas. Read More…


We are professionals who are driven by natural love for children, who are also very skillful in ‘Child Development and Education’. We believe in application of a superior and age appropriate method of learning at every level of growth of children, to achieve success and excellence in life. Here, learning is fun, as each child is seen as unique and reached at that level.

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Pearly Gates Staff

Deputy School Head

The members of staff of the school are qualified, experienced Christian teachers. There are also qualified teachers for special subjects such as French, Music, Drama & Dance etc. English language is the medium of instruction.

The ratio of staff to pupil in the pre-school is 1:10, while in the primary it is 1:15 children. The pre-school directress is often assisted by teaching assistants.

This is to allow the directress to concentrate/oversee the group room at all times.

In – service Trainings are organized frequently for staff. And they are also encouraged to attend relevant trainings for enhancement of their productivity and adaptation to the ever- changing century educational needs. 

All staff are internally appraised by the School head and also through Parents assessments. This is done in conjunction with an independent educational consultancy outfit.