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Our story


We are a school that sets out to see that our environment is – Right, safe and similar to that in the home for our babies in the crèche to explore, play, and thrive. – Conducive and prepared for development in all areas (i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual, language, spiritual), acquisition of life skills and other skills needed for smooth transition and excellence in the primary school. – One that helps our children, being independent learners, to have a natural /intrinsic desire to learn, excel, succeed and become agents of positive change in their world.


There’s a place that is home for me
In this place we are raised to be
Independent learners
And leaders of today
In pearly gates my school

Academic excellence
And a moral consciousness
We are all round pupils
And we never stop working hard
To be the best

We have formed a community
Of the ones that will fight for truth and change
We will change our world
We will start today
In pearly gates my school


I am a Pearly Gates child,
Raised to be successful
With ability to study and learn independently
And become an agent of change in my world.


We are professionals who are driven by natural love for children, who are also very skillful in ‘Child Development and Education’. We believe in application of a superior and age appropriate method of learning at every level of growth of children, to achieve success and excellence in life. Here, learning is fun, as each child is seen as unique and reached at that level.
Where would you rather have your child?

Mission Statement

  • Our school is dedicated to providing an environment that will encourage independent and fun learning in children. We aim at inculcating in our children natural desires to learn and maximize their potential


  • We shall provide quality care within a conducive environment, utilizing the Montessori learning technique and other appropriate learning curriculum


  • We shall make use of qualified and properly motivated personnel who will guide the children into discovering their unique natural abilities and basic foundational learning skills to achieve sound developmental abilities in a competitive word